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About Alison

Born and raised in a small town in the North West of England, I grew up with what I came to realise were a number of family expectations, such as being the first in the family to go to University and the first to have a Corporate career. Being a 'good girl,' I set about complying with that and indeed have spent much time in corporate roles such as HR, Leadership Development and Change Management. My initial Uni studies weren't 'enough' of course and so a Masters in HR Strategy followed along the way.

In amongst that though, I started to listen more closely to that inner part of me that seemed to feel the need for something different. Expectations started to be cast off ... resulting in four and a half years working in various parts of Europe in the Travel Industry (much to my mum's distress at the time!). Then the inner voice spoke again, feeling a strong desire to work more deeply with individuals, teams and communities, resulting in volunteering for the Samaritans and Lifeline as a Crisis Supporter, training as a Leadership Coach, qualifying as a Psychotherapist in 2005 and then many years of practice as a Therapist, Coach, Facilitator and all round champion of behavioural and organisational change by whatever means best suited my clients.

I've worked with corporates such as Courtaulds Textiles, major UK retailers, Westpac, Telstra and IAG and non profits such as Uniting Care Queensland and Uniting (NSW/ACT). I've a long history with Lifeline, with my last role being that of Operations Manager for Lifeline Crisis Support in QLD, leading a team of around 500 staff and volunteers across ten sites and managing a considerable volume of change and continuous improvement over the years.

I've had a tendency towards 'overthinking' for much of my life and been a prolific juggler of many things. It's an absolute delight now to support my clients to, like me, find ways of performing with more ease whilst truly making a difference and staying connected to what's important in life.

I enjoy living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia with my teenage son and Ruby the rescue cat. I love meaningful time with friends, beach and ocean and my electric bike!

You're likely to enjoy and gain high value from working with me if you want:

  • a safe and non-judgemental space, where you can be comfortable to be yourself and have real conversations about what's happening in your life and the changes you'd love

  • to do meaningful and life changing work, yet with a sense of lightness and even playfulness

  • to be tuned into at a deep level and compassionately supported and uplifted

  • to be supported to live a more aligned life that you can embrace more fully

  • to see a bigger picture of yourself!

Key Qualifications

  • CSA Diploma Coaching Supervision – Coaching Supervision Academy - currently finalising closing submission

  • ‘Rise Up’ Supervision Program (ACA & PACFA recognised) 

  • Cert. IV TAE40116 

  • Certificate in Creating Positive Change (Appreciative Enquiry strategies) - The Change Lab

  • Diploma – Neuroscience of Leadership - Neuresource Group

  • Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy 

  • Family & Organisational Constellations Facilitator Training 

  • Graduate Diploma – Counselling & Psychotherapy – Jansen Newman Institute

  • Intensive Coach Training Program – Results Coaching Systems

  • M.A. Human Resource Strategies (specialism in Organisational Change) – London Guildhall University

  • CNAA Postgraduate Diploma – Personnel Management – Manchester Metropolitan University

  • BTEC Higher National Diploma Business Studies (Distinction) – University of Wolverhampton

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