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Facilitation and Training

When you're looking for a Facilitator to work with your team, you need someone with experience that can balance both creating a safe space for all to contribute and building the energy and commitment of the group. 

Facilitation engagements have included:

  • 'Real Conversations' workshops - supporting leaders and teams to talk about what's really going on. Enabling potentially sensitive and difficult conversations such as addressing poor performance to be had with more confidence, ease and respect

  • Leadership Supervision Groups - a safe space to raise and work through leadership challenges

  • Manager as Coach

  • Introduction to Counselling Skills 

  • Domestic & Family Violence Awareness in the workplace

I have previously been a Crisis Support Trainer for Lifeline and Trainer of the Diploma of Counselling.

I currently deliver 'DV-Alert' DFV Awareness training on behalf of Lifeline Australia and coach on Programs for 'The Colin James Method,' where clients have included Suncorp, Australian Super and CBA.

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